Business Incubation and Enterprise Development
Business Incubation and Enterprise Development
Business Incubation and Enterprise Development  

Business Incubation and Enterprise Development

Mr Charles Wyeth is an international expert in business incubation, having managed the South African government's national business incubation programme for over 5 years, during which time he was responsible for increasing the amount of business incubators in the country from 8 to 21. 

Dr Learmonth conceptualised and developed the first business plans for SEDA Essential Oils Business Incubator, and managed the incubator for the first 12 months after its creation.
Business Incubation is clearly one of the core competencies of African Rose Enterprise Development and has become a major business focus of this division of the Company.
A full range of Business Incubation services are provided, including:

  • Establishment and support of Business Incubators
  • Designing and implementation of operating systems and support services for Business Incubators, Enterprise Accelerators, Innovation Support centres and Technology Demonstration Centres
  • Designing and implementation of training courses for Incubator Managers and staff focusing on:
    • Incubator management
    • Stakeholder
    • Relationship Management
    • Marketing and Branding for Incubators

Recent projects include:

  • Process Mapping and developing of Operations manual for the Automotive Supplier Incubator, a new incubator being established by the Automotive Industry Supply Centre (AIDC) and their stake holders viz., the Ford Motor Corporation of Southern Africa and the Gauteng Provincial Government
  • In collaboration with Dcisio Consulting Pty Ltd evaluation of the possible expansion of the ICT incubator Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town on Behalf of the Western Cape Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism
  • Development of a business plan for the establishment of a Manufacturing Technology Demonstration Centre in Atlantis, Western Cape Province on behalf of the Soshanguve Manufacturing Technology Demonstration Centre (SMTDC)

Business Incubation and Enterprise Development
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Business Incubation and Enterprise Development
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