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Company Profile

"Enterprise Development is our passion and the Company's exciting new business focus"

Our Vision

A vibrant, relevant, easily accessible and South African specific, small business and enterprise development business communtiy, that improves the daily circumstances of people willing to participate in the required programmes.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive range of enterprise development and business incubation support services to a diverse range of stake holders, entrepreneurs, business owners and communities nationwide to achieve significant and measurable economic empowerment and job creation .

Company Registration

African Rose Oils cc
Reg No. 2010/122774/23

Directors, Majority Members & Shareholders

Dr Robin Learmonth
Mr Charles Wyeth

BEE Status

African Rose Oils cc is a majority black owned company with a level 3 BEE rating and a BEE procurement recognition level of 110%

Expertise of African Rose Enterprise Development

Between them the directors have considerable experience in:

  • Collaborating with emerging and commercial farmers and agro-processing businesses.
  • Establishing and managing public sector business incubation and technology transfer programmes.
  • Participating in corporate social responsibility programmes aimed specifically at specialised emerging farmer programmes and agro-processing.
  • Facilitating community development and communal enterprise establishment processes.
  • Supporting enterprise development and supplier development processes

History of African Rose Enterprise Development

African Rose Farming (Pty) Ltd. and African Rose Oils cc were incorporated via a management buy-out, restructuring and renaming of Earthoil South Africa Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of British-owned international group of companies, Earthoil Plantations. Earthoil Plantations is in turn owned by Treatt Plc, a public company on the London Stock Exchange, specializing in essential oil trading and value-addition.

Earthoil SA was a member of the Earthoil Plantations Group for 4 years and the management buyout became possible through a rationalisation of Earthoil activities.

Earthoil South Africa was created out of a CSIR project to investigate the rejuvenation of the South African essential oil industry starting in 1996,

This CSIR project represented an approximate R10 million investment into the agronomy, production and marketing of essential oils, in collaboration with one of the oldest and most highly regarded agricultural research institutes in the world Rothamstead Research
African Rose Enterprise Development was as a combination of a process organic growth and a natural diversification of African Rose Essential Oil business of developing emerging farmers and the expertise and skills of the founder members. Once this non essential oil enterprise development business reached a critical mass it was necessary to give it an identity of its own and manage it as an independent business operation.

African Rose Enterprise Development Business Model

As a consequence of our success in accelerating the development of emerging farmers and small enterprises in the agro-processing sector, we have expanded our services to training and support of entrepreneurs in businesses outside the field of farming and essential oils.

Our enterprise development activities include:

  • Designing and implementation of business development support programmes for public-sector enterprise development support centres.
  • Facilitating and support of Enterprise Development and Supplier Development Programmes for Corporates and the public sector
  • Development and evaluation of business and implementation plans of developing enterprises on behalf of the funding stake holders.
  • Designing and implementation of Enterprise Development programmes
  • Supplier development programmes for Corporates and Public Sector institutions/entities
  • Establishment and support of Business Incubators
  • Designing and implementation of operating systems and support services for Business Incubators, Enterprise Accelerators, Innovation Support Centres and Technology Demonstration Centres
  • Designing and implementation of training courses for Incubator Managers and staff focusing on:
      • Incubator management
      • Stakeholder
      • Relationship Management
      • Marketing and Branding for Incubators



Company Profile
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Company Profile
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