Emerging Farmer Support
Emerging Farmer Support
Emerging Farmer Support  

Emerging Farmer Support

Emerging Farmers

The logically expansion of our business model, infrastructure and networks for establishing emerging essential oil farmers was to expand and diversify these activities into the support of the emerging farmers in general. This is the newest business activity within the African Rose Company. We are at this stage very selective of the projects we participate in and typically we prefer these general emerging farmer projects to in some way be associated with the essential oil farming activities. These associations can be geographical, ie in the same area or even on the same farm, or within the same farming co-operative, or as part of a larger corporate social investment by a single stake holder or funder.

It is, however, a business focus we are actively developing as a growth strategy for the Company and will welcome enquiries and discussions regarding future collaboration.

Our business model is, not surprisingly, based on our successful strategy for emerging essential oil farmers namely to provide what they must have access to, and what they need to know, to succeed 

Firstly, partnering with financing / funding partners that have strategic imperatives to provide support e.g. Corporate Social Investment programmes, mining houses Social Labour Plans and Public Sector Programmes at all levels of Government that are striving to address the economic empowerment and job creation needs of modern day South Africa.

Secondly, forming strategic alliances to secure all the other key elements (besides financing) of a successful farming business viz. land; water; infrastructure; technical, agronomic and business training; and access to reliable and supportive markets. 
Thirdly, to implement and manage development projects, from planning¬† to commercialisation phases, within the following programmes

  • Pre-project implementation education
  • Community development interventions to correctly position the project in the community,
  • Operational /agronomic training - seedling production, fertilisation , irrigation methods, harvesting etc on their own sites and other suitable training locations
  • Market development, (understanding what the client wants) - packaging, reliable supply, consistent quality etc and thereafter confirmed supply contracts





Emerging Farmer Support
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Emerging Farmer Support
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